Please do not send deliveries to the school.  This would include flowers, balloons, and other non-emergency items.  These things are distracting in the classroom and will be kept in the office until the end of the school day, if brought in.


If your child would like to share snacks in class for a special occasion, please discuss this with his/her teacher.  If the teacher approves it, please sign in as a visitor, and then deliver it to the classroom yourself. 





For parents who need to contact their child during school hours, the office will relay the message to the teacher in two ways. 

      1)  Office will take parent/guardian's message and e-mail to teacher, 

      2) we will also place telephone message in teacher's mailbox. `Ohana members are             encouraged to plan ahead and dialogue with their children.  Contact should be

          for emergency purposes.


If the call is placed before school, after school, during A.M. recess or lunch recess, we will transfer the call to the classroom.  During dedicated instructional times we will not interrupt the class unless it's an emergency or the teacher notifies the office that he/she expects a call.




The office telephone should be used only for emergencies.  Students are allowed to make calls before and after school with the office permission.  During school hours, students may use the telephones in their classrooms with the permission of the teacher. Telephone calls should be short and used with courtesy.  Thank you.