Students are assigned homework every night, which is due the following day.  If there is no written work assigned on weekends or holidays, your child should review the work of the previous week, and have a library book to read.  If your child was unable to complete the homework assignment for any reason, please write a note to the teacher.  Upper elementary students should expect an hour or two of homework study each weeknight.


Homework Requests

Even though a student may be absent due to illness, if the student is at all capable, parents/guardians should request that homework be left in the office for parent/guardian to pick-up in the afternoon (the office closes at 4:30pm). 


Certain teachers request that parents pick up homework from their classrooms.  Parents should pick up from classroom no later that 3 p.m. 


Parents are responsible for picking up homework if they request it.  Homework requests should be called in to the office no later than 9:00 am.