Mask Covering and PPE

Although we are respectful of everyone’s personal opinions regarding the use of masks, Keaukaha Elementary will implement a “Mask Usage Expectation” for all individuals who enter our campus. This expectation will be in

alignment to CDC Guidelines, along with the Department of Health and Department of Education direction.

For the safety of all adults and students on our campus, please comply with these guidelines:

All Individuals:

● Face coverings for adults and students must be worn when outside the classroom (e.g., moving around


● The masks should cover the mouth and nose area.


● To the extent possible, all adults should cover their mouths and noses with a cloth face cover (mask)

while at school.

● Wearing a face shield is not necessary for an adult; however, face shields are available for all employees.

● Staff are responsible to bring and properly maintain their own masks.



● Masks should be worn when keeping six feet apart is not possible or when children have to face each

other or interact in some way.

● Face shields are also available for students while they are in school.

● In a classroom setting, wearing a mask may be very difficult for younger students in grades preschool to

2nd grade, students with disabilities, or students who have underlying medical conditions.

● Elementary students should wear masks if it is likely they will touch their mouths and/or nose without

wearing one.

● When students are outside the classroom and when physical distancing is not feasible, it is highly

recommended that students wear masks.

○ The Department of Health does not advise having students wear masks while playing at recess

since wearing masks may be dangerous on the playground.

○ It is advised to keep the classes in cohorts when using the playground.

● When students are not wearing a mask, they should avoid close proximity during group activities such as


● Parents/legal guardians will be responsible for providing students with face coverings or masks.