Information about Blended Learning

For school year 2020-21, Keaukaha Elementary will adopt a BLENDED LEARNING model that will include a

combination of face-to-face and virtual learning for all students in Preschool through Grade 6. This Blended

Learning model will be in place until schools are advised to revisit their models.

In this model, students will be placed in groups of A or B. Each group will physically attend school on their

designated face-to-face days and then participate in a virtual learning platform on the others. Student

groupings were based on multiple factors that include sibling/family groupings, student last name, number of

females versus males in the classroom, etc. In addition, Keaukaha Elementary aligned our rotation and grouping

with Hilo Intermediate to assist our families.

During the 1st quarter, the rotating schedule will be as such: A/B/A/B/Virtual

Please refer to the 1st quarter monthly calendars on the home page. Should there be a need to continue this

model into the 2nd quarter, a rotation schedule for the months of October, November and December will be


Parents had an opportunity to choose the path for their children through a survey around mid-July. Parents

had a choice to send their child to school on the Blended Learning model (Option #1) or choose another option

that best fit the needs of their family. The option selected will be for the duration of the 1st quarter.

Student learning options are:

Option #1: Blended Learning Model (Combination of Face-to-Face & Virtual Learning)

Students will attend school Monday-Thursday on a rotating basis and participate

in virtual learning on off campus days and Friday.

● Daily attendance will be taken on face-to-face school days, as well as

during virtual learning days.

Option #2: Virtual Learning Only (Online Learning)

Students will have a distance learning plan provided to them by Keaukaha

Elementary in the form of hard copy packets and online learning opportunities.

Students will independently work through this plan.

● Daily monitoring of work completion will be done by school staff. Friday

virtual check-ins will be counted for attendance.


Option #3: Homeschool Status

Parents who are reluctant to send their children to school or do not want their

children to participate in the virtual learning program being offered by Keaukaha

Elementary, may choose option #3. If selected, parents would complete a

Homeschool Application (Form 4140) and submit this form to the school’s


● Education of the child becomes the sole responsibility of the parent;

Keaukaha Elementary will no longer provide any educational opportunity to

the child.

● No attendance will be taken by the school.