1.  All students will play in the school playground during recess.  

2.  All students who play on school playground equipment will utilize the appropriate equipment for their age        group.  However, there shall be no playing on the playground before school begins, or after school ends.

3.  Rainy day recesses will be spent in the student’s classroom under a teacher’s supervision.  Teachers may          use the area directly outside the classroom in clear vision of the classroom teacher.

4.  Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.

5.  There will be no rough play or body contact during play.  (Example:  pushing, kicking, wrestling).

6.  Personal toys, games and play equipment are not allowed unless with teacher permission and under that          teacher’s supervision (Example: sharing in the classroom).  Only school play equipment shall be used in              school and only during recesses

7.  Playground areas:

   a.  School Playground Apparatus A & B: Grades PreK, K, 1, 2***

   b.  Basketball Court: Grades 3, 4, 5, 6***

   c.  Hualani Park: Grades 3, 4, 5, 6***

8. Students should get an adult’s help for balls that go over the fence or across the street.

9. If students have a healthy snack to eat during recess time, they should sit down to eat until their snack is            gone.  At no time should students play and eat at the same time for safety reasons.


***See Playground Safety Expectations




These expectations apply specifically to the playground apparatuses.


1)         No running on the playground pads or near the equipment.

2)         No pushing or aggressive play while on the equipment.

3)         Keep a space between yourself and the person ahead of you on the equipment.

4)         Slides should not be jumped on or climbed on, but slid down on.

5)         No games of tag on the equipment.


Please treat your fellow students with respect and playtime will be safe.

Please treat the equipment with respect and it should last a long time.



Food & Lunch Time

1.      Snacks are allowed only when a teacher supervises the student(s) in the classroom.

2.      Good and clean table manners are to be practiced at all times on campus

3.      Quiet talking while waiting in the lunch line and while eating is necessary, since other classes are still in session.


Before School:

All Keaukaha students who arrive at school before 7:45 am, must report directly to the cafeteria, whether they are eating breakfast or not. Students will be kept in the cafeteria until their teachers pick them up from this location. All adult supervision will be in this one location. Any student seen walking the campus before this time will be sent directly to the cafeteria.