Staggered Start and End Times

Staggered start and end times have been established to minimize congestion in designated entry and exit areas around campus.

Parents are encouraged to find your child’s grade level start and end times for school using the grid.

Teachers, Educational Assistants and Gate Monitors will be in the designated area approximately 15-20 minutes prior to the drop-off times for students. Please pay close attention to that time. You are welcomed to wait in the car in parking areas with your child until someone arrives. At no time are students allowed to freely walk onto campus. Each student will need to be screened before entering.

Parents are encouraged to drop their child off at their designated start times or no earlier than 15-20 minutes

prior if not eating breakfast. If this is not possible due to parent work-related reasons, students who are

dropped off earlier than their start times will be housed in separate locations around the campus until their

grade level’s actual start time.

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