System Requirements for Home Devices

i-Ready Support for the iPad

Students must use i-Ready on iPads that are compatible with iOS 10 or above, such as the iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and the new iPad model released by Apple in 2017 (along with the current version released in 2018). These students will be able to use the i-Ready for Students iPad app and access all assessment and instruction as it is made available for the iPad. This app will be continually updated and supported with future releases.

The iPad app is free and available for download through the Apple App Store.℠ Note that iPad minis are not supported and that the i-Ready app is not accessible on other tablets nor the iPhone®.

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Current System Requirements for Desktop Computers

For best user experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.

 - JavaScript must be enabled

- Cookies must be enabled.

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Checking Your Computers

You can test your computer to see if they are running the required software by opening this webpage in a browser (Google Chrome) that will be used for i-Ready:

Miscellaneous Information

Smart Punctuation for iOS 11

For iOS 11 and above, Apple has implemented Smart Punctuation, a feature that replaces some punctuation with something more typographically suitable, for example "straight" quotes with “smart” quotes. As a result, students with an apostrophe (’) in their usernames may see an error message when logging in to i-Ready, even when their usernames and passwords are inputted correctly. This issue is a result of Apple’s implementation of Smart Punctuation and may affect some students using i-Ready as well as other educational software accessed through an iPad. To prevent potential login issues, we encourage educators to disable “Smart Punctuation” in iOS 11 devices by following these instructions: 1. Go to “Settings” 2. Go to “General” 3. Disable “Smart Punctuation”