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Yearbook Sy 2020 - 2021

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keaukaha elementary School

may day 2021

He Aloha No Nā Lei o Hawaii

"Beloved are the flower leis of Hawai`i"

If you want to watch a specific performance, please go to the time stamp listed below:

PreK:  0:41

Kindergarten:  3:33

1st Grade:  6:19

2nd Grade:  10:57

3rd Grade:  13:07

4th Grade:  16:45

5th Grade:  20:47

6th Grade:  23:26

Return to school tentative plan

Updated  2/22/2021

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Homeroom teachers will inform families if their child is on A or B schedule.

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Keaukaha Elementary has identified four (4) designated locations around campus for staff, students and authorized visitors to enter and exit during the day. 

The purpose of these designated locations is to ensure entrance and exit points onto campus are monitored, health screening of all individuals can occur, and students are staggered as they arrive and leave. Please adhere to these entry and exit points. Due to safety reasons, entry and exit WILL NOT be allowed at any other location on campus.

Designated Locations for Entry & Exit:

Desha Avenue: A-Building (two-story building)

Pua Avenue: Drop Off/Pick Up Location @ Pua Avenue gate

Baker Avenue: Kawananakoa Gym Parking Lot - Double Gates (Hale Luana side)

Baker Avenue: Kawananakoa Gym Parking Lot - Basketball Court/Playground Gate

Breakfast and Lunch will be delivered to classrooms and be eaten at the studentʻs desk.

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Parent Letter to PreK, Kindergarten, and

6th grade parents.  2/19/2021

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Tentative Return to School Dates by Grade Levels

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We will be providing more information as we continue to monitor the situation.

Return to learn info

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Healthy activities for the month of MAY

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Keaukaha Elementary Drive Thru meals 

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Important information


Elementary School

E Komo Mai

Visitor Count


In order to support our families at home, please use these additional resources.  


May Breakfast Menu

May Lunch Menu

Please understand that the menu may be subjected to changes. 




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Keaukaha Elementary

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