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Attendance Policy

Students and parents/guardians are reminded of the importance of building the habit of daily attendance. Schools are responsible for the teaching of each child, but schools can't do their job unless parents ensure that the child attends school regularly and on time as required by law.

The following steps are parts of the process that involve your cooperation in helping the school track and maintain student attendance.
1. Whenever a child is absent, parents/guardians should send a note to school stating the reason for the absence or phone or visit the school office to inform the school of the situation.

2. If a child is or will be absent for five (5) days or more, parents/guardians should either call the school by phone stating the reason for the absence or stop by the office. Parents/Guardians must also provide to the school a medical reason for the absence verified by a physician's certificate.

3. If a note/phone call/physician's certificate (if applicable) has not been received after the student has returned, the teacher will send home a form requesting that parents/guardians explain the absence(s).

4. Should a child be absent for three days without word from the home, school staff will attempt to contact the parents/guardians by telephone, letter and/or home visit. The school staff includes the teacher, health aide, school counselor and principal.

5. Unexplained and/or excessive tardies will be handled in the same manner as unexplained or excessive absences. Students who miss morning business which occurs immediately following the 7:55 a.m. bell may be behind for the rest of the day. Please see that your child or children get to school on time.

6. Even though a student may be absent due to illness, if the student is at all capable, parents/guardians should request that homework be left in the office for parent/guardian pick-up in the afternoon (the office closes at 4:30pm). Homework requests should be called in to the office no later than 9:00am.

7. Open communication regarding attendance and related problems is an important part of the process that may involve notes, phone calls, home visits and meetings between the parents/guardians and school personnel.

8. Overall attendance will be monitored by the daily review of computer printouts for patterns of excessive absences. This information and concerns reported by teachers will be the basis for any actions taken by the school.

9. If attendance does not improve once the school has made reasonable efforts to intervene, and if there is no medical documentation for past and/or continuing absences, a Family Court petition for educational neglect may be filed.