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Definition of Program

The mission of this program is twofold:
  • To assist fellow students in meeting the Keaukaha Elementary school wide Behavior Expectations.
    • Be Responsible (Kuleana)
    • Be Respectful  (Ho’ihi)
    • Be Safe  (Palekana)
  • To provide the students who are chosen as Kia’i the opportunity to experience greater responsibilities and to learn from them.  (State of Hawaii Dept. of Education General Learner Outcomes and Career and Life Skills Standards)

Keaukaha Elementary School prospective Kia’i must:

  • Be in grades 5 or 6
  • Maintain a good standing in the classroom with assignments and homework
  • Exhibit PONO behavior
  • Turn in a Kia’i application form
  • Obtain parental permission
  • Pledge to serve the students of Keaukaha Elementary School faithfully

Duties Kia’i duties include:

  • Provide cafeteria, playground and walkway supervision of students.
  • Checking for items left behind on the playgrounds and taking items to lost and found.
  • Delivering messages to classrooms after morning recess and lunch recess.
  • Flag Protocol (morning and afternoon)
  • Other duties as directed by the Administrator.

Kia’i will be placed on probation if the student is:

  • Underachieving in class
  • Exhibiting inappropriate behavior
  • Failing to report on their assigned work days
  • Not able to fulfill Kia’i responsibilities
Kia’i parents, teachers, advisor, and/or administrator can recommend that a Kia’i be placed on probation or terminated from the program.

In addition, Kia’i members will not be able to attend the end of the year Service Excursion if:

  • they have been suspended during the school year,
  • have shown behavior that is consistently “not pono” to adults and/or peers,
  • have not been keeping up with assignments,
  • have not shown up for duty for more than 5 times throughout the school year with no legitimate excuse.
  • If a Kia’i member cannot serve on a specific day, that student will be required to speak to their advisor or their Alaka’i (Captain) to be excused and to make arrangements for a substitute.