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Uniform Policy



Community pride is strong in the homestead of Keaukaha. On a daily basis, one can find community members proudly wearing shirts that display the Keaukaha name on its front or back. It is with this in mind that we began the necessary steps to instill that pride in all members of our school campus, especially our haumana.


The purpose of the school uniform expectation is to strengthen a sense of family, pride, and unity in our Keaukaha learning environment and reduce any ethnic, social and/or economic barriers that may exist. Keaukaha Elementary recognizes that school uniforms have the ability to increase school spirit, improve campus safety, raise student achievement, and create a sense of belonging when children are away from their homes.

Board of Education Policy #4410 entitled Dress Code and School Uniforms recognizes that a positive relationship exists between appearance and the learning environment. It is out intent to create a learning environment that builds a sense of community and fosters a positive school climate and culture.

In addition, school uniforms support the concept of togetherness and shared responsibility to others as embedded in our current school vision: E hoe i ka wa’a! E ho’olōkahi e! “Lets Paddle Our Canoe Together! Keaukaha Elementary School’s vision is displayed on the back of our school uniform.


  1. All students will wear the school uniform on Monday through Thursday, unless otherwise stated. Friday is considered a Free Dress day for students and should dress appropriately for school.
  2. The school uniform is ROYAL BLUE in color. Royal blue short sleeve, long sleeve and hoodie will be considered a school uniform.
  3. Uniforms must be visible while in school. Students will not be allowed to use other hoodies that will COVER their uniforms. Students may use button or zipper front jackets if they are cold in school. Long sleeve shirts may be used UNDER the school uniform.
  4. The use of any other Keaukaha shirt will NOT be considered a school uniform.
  5. Student uniforms are expected on all grade level/class/school excursions, Monday through Friday.
  6. Writing on the school uniform will not be permitted.
  7. Alterations or cutting of the school uniform will not be permitted.
  8. A ‘borrowed’ school uniform will be provided to a child who attends school without a uniform shirt on Monday through Thursday. The ‘borrowed’ shirt will be returned to the school at the end of the day.
  9. A student needing to borrow a uniform from the school should be a rare occurrence and should not happen daily or weekly. Parents/guardians must ensure that their child has enough uniforms to wear to school every week.
  10. If there are any special circumstances that would prevent following these requirements, these circumstances must be shared with the principal. A meeting will be held between the principal and parent/guardian.

 Please remember that Keaukaha Elementary is a uniform school.


A parent/guardian may apply for his/her child or children to be exempt from the uniform dress code for two reasons only: 1) Medical 2) Religious.

The parent/guardian may request an exemption by using the following procedure:
  • The request must be made in writing to Keaukaha Elementary School, attention Principal.
  • The request must clearly state which of the reasons above the request is being made under and must clearly provide information/evidence that supports the requests.
  • All requests for exemption will be presented to the School Community Council (SCC) for review. Parent attendance is highly recommended at the time the SCC will review the request. This will allow an opportunity to explain the situation further, if necessary.
  • The SCC will make the final decision to approve the exemption request.


No student shall be denied attendance to our school nor otherwise penalized for failure to wear their school uniform, if such failure is due to financial hardship. In the event of financial hardship, the family is encouraged to contact the principal to set up a meeting and discuss possible options of support.


A stock of Keaukaha Elementary School uniforms will be kept at Creative Arts for purchase throughout the school year. Creative Arts is located at 500 Kalanianaole Avenue. Keaukaha Elementary School will NOT keep a stock of uniforms on campus for purchase.