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Keaukaha Elementary School acknowledges the importance of parent involvement and family partnerships in enabling each student to be successful by ensuring them a standards-based education. The following guidelines have been revised to reflect our transition to the standards.
Develop a system to promote parent involvement which incorporated the following:
  • Parent education
  • Communication and school climate
  • Involvement at school
  • Learning strategies at home
  • Parents as advisors, decision-makers and advocates
  • Community collaboration
Conduct regular meetings with all stakeholders through committees such as our PTA and SCC to share and review information and to solicit input.
Include all stakeholders in policy and decision-making groups such as our PTA, SCC, and SID committees to ensure input. Conduct parent and community surveys and include a mini-poll in parent bulletins to obtain feedback and opinions to use in making school decisions.
Implement the school-parent-student compact at the beginning of each school year which describes how parents, school staff and students will share the responsibility for improving student achievement.
Provide parent education events to assist them in helping their children learn and meet the standards in the Hawaii State Assessment (HSA).
Coordinate parent volunteer opportunities.
Continue with the annual Open House, Parent-Teacher conferences and report cards to provide information and to update on academic progress.
Communicates with all stakeholders regularly and positively by using a variety of means (parent bulletins, phone calls, letters, school website, etc.)
Our PCNC at Keaukaha School is Mona Ubedei.