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KES Discipline Plan

School Year 2016-2017

Keaukaha Elementary School (KES) is a PreK-6 campus of high academic standards and behavioral expectations. Our mission is to ensure a safe, caring, and culturally-enriched environment that embraces and nurtures our unique Hawaiian community. We are committed to providing educational opportunities that allow our students to strive for excellence in becoming life long learners who are college and career ready. In doing the work that needs to be done, it is important for all students, staff, parents, and community to do their part to create a positive school climate where all individuals thrive.

KES Proactive Discipline Plan Purpose:

Chapter 19 states:  The purpose of school-administered discipline is to:

  1. Promote and maintain a safe and secure educational environment;
  2. Teach and acknowledge proper behavior which is beneficial to the educational process and self-development;
  3. Deter students from acts which interfere with the purpose of education or which are self-destructive, self-defeating or anti-social; and
  4. Maintain proper student conduct to ensure that educational activities and responsibilities remain uninterrupted.

KES will implement a proactive systematic school wide approach to dealing with student problem behaviors. The overall focus of the School Wide Discipline Plan is to support and promote positive behaviors by redirecting unacceptable student behavior and ensuring appropriate and consistent consequences for misconduct as aligned with Chapter 19. The following matrix provides expected behaviors in all settings on campus.

KES Core Values:

The following core values will be practiced and modeled by all students and staff of Keaukaha Elementary School.

Aloha – unconditional love, compassion, kindness, and grace

Kuleana – oneʻs personal responsibility, accountability to others

Lōkahi – teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, harmony, and unity

Mālama – to take care of, serve, honor, and protect

ʻOhana – family, connections that bind us

Pono – righteousness, honesty, and integrity

General Learner Outcomes (GLOs):

The following GLOs will be practiced and modeled by all students and staff of Keaukaha Elementary School.

  1. Self-Directed Learner
  2. Community Contributor
  3. Complex Thinker
  4. Quality Producer
  5. Effective Communicator
  6. Effective and Ethical User of Technology

KES Faculty and Staff Responsibility:

When a student behaves inappropriately, disciplinary action may be taken by staff members on campus.


Several factors must be considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action (detention, in-school suspension or suspension) for students. These include the age of the student, the specific offense and its severity and repetition of the offense.  Counseling and parent notification and/or conferences shall be conducted as appropriate. Follow-up action may also include mediation, conflict resolution and referral to outside agencies. ʻOhana members are encouraged to work with their children on appropriate behaviors.


Chapter 19 states: Any teacher, official, or other employee of the department who is a witness to a class A or class B offense as defined by Chapter 19, or who has reasonable cause to believe that a class A or B offense has been committed or will be committed, against a student, teacher, official, or other employee of the department, or involving school property, SHALL promptly report the incident to the principal or designee. (§8-19-19)


The following prohibited conduct applies to all students in the public school system during school hours, on school premises, and during department-supervised activities, on or off school property. Possible disciplinary actions by school administration are as follows:

A student placed on out of school suspension:

  • may not appear on any public school campus during the period of the suspension or crisis removal; any student in violation may be referred to police for trespassing and receive extended suspension time;

  • is excluded from participating in co-curricular and extra curricular activities during the period of suspension or crisis removal. This will include any school activity that occurs on the weekend if the suspension days are carried over from one week to the next.

NOTE: These rules and guidelines are not meant to be a legal instrument nor is it exhaustive in the range of prohibited activities of students. A more detailed list of definitions may be found in DOE Chapter 19- Student Misconduct, Discipline, School Searches and Seizures, Reporting Offenses, Police Interviews and Arrests, and Restitution for Vandalism and Negligence.